Thursday, November 09, 2006

Woman Heart Necklace, Finding Inner Truth

Okay, so I realize it was all the way back in July that I last posted, promising myself to do it more often. But what can I say, things get hectic and blogging just wasn't a priority for awhile. At least not here. So now to the point:

Recently I have started a new series of work, necklaces made from colored-pencil drawings on shrinky-dink plastic. High art, low art, whatever. What is important to me is that I am being creative somewhere in my life. Running my own business and being a single mom, the creativity runs the gamut from teeny tiny hobby to career goal--it all depends on what kind of time I have in the moment. Ultimately, it is a career goal, but for now I have to keep food on the table and can only afford certain risks. These necklaces are a perfect outlet for me right now--fun to make, and they look fantastic, but they don't take the kind of time or effort required for a painting. Just enough art to keep me fueled up so I don't go crazy!

Anyway, the necklace you see here now graces the beautiful neck of a good friend of mine. The common theme through all of these is women--femininity and introspection. Although they vary wildly in their looks, in a way they are all self-portraits. This year I turned 30, and I truly feel that I have learned so much and really come into myself over the past several months more than ever before in my life. It has taken a great deal of introspection and sometimes brutal honesty with myself. It has taken remembering my dreams and listening to what they have to tell me. It has taken putting myself at great risk, and letting go of things in my life that were damaging, old habits and toxic people. In many ways it has been very painful, but the end result is that I feel more honest, more feminine, more self-assured and genuine than I ever have before. I feel more like me; finally I have shed most of the adolescent desire to please everyone around me before even asking myself what I want, let alone honoring it.

I know, that seems like a lot to convey in a plastic necklace. But to me it is appropriate that these little drawing have so much personal meaning, and at the same time are intended as adornment. It is really about beauty. All of the women's eyes are closed (so far!). They are unique and beautiful on the outside, but more importantly they are looking inward and finding their inner truths.

There are a couple of these already listed on my etsy site; I am waiting for a friend's micro lens to visit on Friday to get some really great photos before I list the rest. So if you want to see more, wait until the 14th or so of November, and check!

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