Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bye-bye Blogger

It's been an awesome run, but I am all fancy now with a new website that has my blog integrated in to it! I hope you all will follow me on over


Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get Inspired for 2012!

I am a working artist and a mama. My income is it for this household. So when I go buy art supplies, it's because I can't possibly squeeze any more paint out of a tube, or a pencil has been sharpened so many times there's nothing to hold on to any more. I drool over the idea of walking into Collage on Alberta and throwing down $500 without blinking an eye. My heart beats faster as I peruse the aisles, thrilled at the potential each object holds. Seriously, I think I just felt a little murmur as I typed those last two sentences!

December has been filled with busy-ness: painting & printing & making for shows, having said shows, working for my awesome friends at Bread & Badger, Hannukah, Christmas, somewhere around 15 birthdays.... I had a moment of burnout last week, and then...INSPIRATION! This has been one of those weeks where I have so many ideas running through my brain that I don't know where to start. I am madly jotting down notes and making little sketches so I don't forget it all before I get back into the studio. I must look like Pig-Pen, with little bits of paper flying around me everywhere I go!

Best of all, for the holidays some of my lovely family members sent me one of my favorite gifts--money! I got to visit Collage AND Columbia Art Supply and for once, instead of buying a lonely tube of paint or paintbrush & longingly staring at the other supplies while I hand the cashier my debit card, I got to fill up my shopping basket without any guilt. I felt like a little giggly elf running through the stores. Heehee!

Now I have a mountain of inspiration for 2012 and the supplies to get me started on some awesome new projects. I can't wait to share them with you! I am so grateful to each and every person that has given me support this year and always. I hope you all are equally filled with love and inspiration to look forward to the New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

SALE to bring in the New Year!

"Nurtured," 2010 by Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

Time to clear out my studio a bit to welcome in the New Year! From now until midnight on January 2, 2012 (2012!) all of my 8.5 x 11" prints are on sale for 30% off. Want 10% off everything else in your order, too? For my blog readers only, enter "BLOGSALE2012" in the coupon code area during checkout for 10% off your whole order (that includes the discounted prints!).


Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Big 200 next Saturday!

Next weekend is going to be huge! I'll be at Crafty Wonderland both days, and the opening of the Big 200 is Saturday afternoon! I'll definitely be stopping by after Crafty, and I have 10 new paintings there so I hope you will too.
This is the Big 200 (previously the Big 100)'s 4th year, and the 4th year I've participated. Every year it's bigger & more fun than the last! Each artist is given 10 wood panels, and when they are finished they are hung anonymously throughout the venue. Last year it was at the Goodfoot, but this year it will be in the 4 gallery spaces on the 3rd floor of Pioneer Mall. ALL of the paintings are only $40 a piece, cash & carry! Here are a couple of the paintings I made that will be there--will you be able to find them all?

"Lovely" 8x8" Mixed media on wood. c. 2011 Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

"Light As A..." 8x8" Mixed media on wood. c. 2011 Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

"Plume" 8x8" Mixed media on wood. c. 2011 Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

I will also have prints of all 10 in my etsy shop, and will be posting images of them all on my website, so keep your eyes peeled! xoxo

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crafty Wonderland 2012

Woohoo! I am super excited to announce that I was accepted to be a vendor at Crafty Wonderland! This year the competition was even fiercer than ever so I feel very lucky & honored to be able to be there. I hope you'll come and visit--I'll be in booth #49, near the kids' art section.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Siren Nation Art & Craft Sale

Coming up soon! On November 6 I am excited to be part of this great sale featuring women artists & artisans at McMenamins Kennedy School. Go to for more details. See you there!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New StudioooooooOOooo!

Call me corny, but I have the best-i-est boyfriend in the universe! Over the past few months, he's been re-organizing his studio/retail space and clearing out a room for me. After some re-building and painting it's finally ready for my very own studio!! I moved in last week, and I've already experienced some of the most focused art-making of my entire life. I love it! I left my office at home so that when I'm in the studio, there's no marketing or facebooking or laundry or email-checking or *enter name of billionth distraction here* to get me off-track.

Not to mention my tiny apartment is starting to look a lot more like home instead of insane-crazy-space. Yay! *I may even get a COUCH!! Did you hear me, people?! A couch!*

Those of you who know about this move have been asking for photos--here you go!

My Sweetie painting the ceiling

Yikes! My old dining-area studio all packed up.

Here it is! I still have a bit of unpacking & decorating to do.

Aaaa!! Don't look at this corner!! It's not finished yet!!

Mmmm...organized cabinet in it's new home :)

Studio Doors <3