Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get Inspired for 2012!

I am a working artist and a mama. My income is it for this household. So when I go buy art supplies, it's because I can't possibly squeeze any more paint out of a tube, or a pencil has been sharpened so many times there's nothing to hold on to any more. I drool over the idea of walking into Collage on Alberta and throwing down $500 without blinking an eye. My heart beats faster as I peruse the aisles, thrilled at the potential each object holds. Seriously, I think I just felt a little murmur as I typed those last two sentences!

December has been filled with busy-ness: painting & printing & making for shows, having said shows, working for my awesome friends at Bread & Badger, Hannukah, Christmas, somewhere around 15 birthdays.... I had a moment of burnout last week, and then...INSPIRATION! This has been one of those weeks where I have so many ideas running through my brain that I don't know where to start. I am madly jotting down notes and making little sketches so I don't forget it all before I get back into the studio. I must look like Pig-Pen, with little bits of paper flying around me everywhere I go!

Best of all, for the holidays some of my lovely family members sent me one of my favorite gifts--money! I got to visit Collage AND Columbia Art Supply and for once, instead of buying a lonely tube of paint or paintbrush & longingly staring at the other supplies while I hand the cashier my debit card, I got to fill up my shopping basket without any guilt. I felt like a little giggly elf running through the stores. Heehee!

Now I have a mountain of inspiration for 2012 and the supplies to get me started on some awesome new projects. I can't wait to share them with you! I am so grateful to each and every person that has given me support this year and always. I hope you all are equally filled with love and inspiration to look forward to the New Year!

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