Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2nd Grade Jitters

Somebody woke up extra early this morning because she was so exited about her first day of 2nd grade. "Are you nervous?" I asked her. She answered with a smart, "No!" She put on the school-girl outfit that she picked herself for today. Then I tried to get her picture. She did NOT want me to take one. I had to threaten and cajole to get one, and then I got her meanest little face....heeheehee. Little does she know, even sassy is cute.

We walked to school (But mama I don't WANT to walk!), and made our way through the insane first day swarm to her classroom. She may not have admitted to nerves, but she practically ripped my arm out of it's socket when I tried to leave. I met the new principal, ran into some parents from last year and chatted on my way out the door. As I breathed in the cool Fall air on my walk home I realized I also have 1st day jitters. She is so sweet, and mature, then suddenly sassy, with enough moments of little tiny girl to remind me that she's not so big yet. I was so exited for her to start 2nd grade, but I miss her already!

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