Sunday, October 21, 2007

New York City, Baby!!!

Holy Cow! In only 4 days, I'm flying to Brooklyn for the PDX Etsy Trunk Show, the Brooklyn Indie Market, and Etsy's Halloween Party/Sale! I am practically dancing right out of my pants I'm so exited!!! (If you checked the links, you will notice that at the 3rd event there will be local NYC television stations, Adorn Magazine and Make Magazine there--very big deal!)

I am also hoping to get in touch with my cousin, who lives in Manhattan and who I have not seen in at least 15 years, since we were kids! And if there's still time in there somewhere, it would be fabulous to make it to an art museum or two..... I am staying at the Etsy Labs along with most of the other ladies that are going. We shipped our sleeping bags, air mattresses, and display stuff for the shows a few days ago, in preparation for what may just be the craftiest slumber party EVER! :)

Oh! And do not let me forget, there is an opportunity for YOU to win a bag of very cool PDX (Portland) Etsy swag, by entering this contest.

Finally, if you are ready to do some shopping and want a great deal, many of the PDX Street Team gals that aren't going (and a couple that are) are helping promote the trunk show by offering a limited time discount in their shops. Check this link for participating vendors.

Wish me luck, fun, adventure, new friends, and LOTS of sales!!!!

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