Friday, November 02, 2007

Sewing is Sexy

Stephen LaFrance. He's an amazing photographer, a talented graphic designer, and now, he sews. I may be biased since he is also my boyfriend, but all bias aside he is truly talented. And I am so proud that he could toss aside his worries of appearing girlie and break out his sewing machine to make his latest idea happen.

He lives in an old apartment building right of of very hip Belmont in Portland, OR. The front door of his apartment hangs about an inch above the hardwood floors, so every time the weather gets chilly, you can imagine the draft and the heating bill that flies out from under that door!

Now, we've all seen draft dodgers before--those little long pillows that go across the door. But what happens when you close the door from the outside? That cute little pillow is left far from the doorway, doing no good whatsoever. Now, enter..........the new, improved draft dodger, designed by Steve! It has a long velcro strip (or magnets if you have a steel door), so when you leave the room, voila! That nasty gap at the bottom of your door is still covered. Your house stays warmer, you save money on your heating bill, and it looks sooooo much nicer than a plastic weather-strip (not to mention it is better insulated).

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Field Notes said...

That is a wonderful way to solve that problem! I wish I had known about this when I lived in NH :-) would have been very helpful!!