Monday, February 11, 2008

Week 1 Check-In

Well, I said a week ago that I would check back in to see if I met my goals for the week, and here I am, so that's a good start, right? I blogged 3 times, finished a painting and built a canvas for a new one, and was all set for Crafty Wonderland yesterday. Yay me! Here's what my booth looked like:
Very cute, don't you think? But it was painfully slow yesterday, and the things that I sell, people don't need, so I had very few sales. Then again, my neighbors, Mugwump (awesome purses), and Frosty Petals (cute fingerless gloves), seemed a bit slow as well, although they have really great stuff and people need purses and gloves more than art.

You know, it is really okay though! Maybe right now is a good time to take a hiatus from crafty shows, from all shows, while I focus and build up my body of work. My supply shop did amazingly well this weekend, which takes a lot of pressure off of my art sales too. I need that right now.

Okay, so this week's goals: Blog 3 times again, promote SupplyRiot, paint a painting. Oh! And the Guerilla Exhibitor class starts this weekend! I can't wait!


Regina (Lexi) said...

Very productive. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I think your art/craft show display looks great!!
Sometimes I get discouraged on slow sales (right now basically no sales) but I'm trying to keep active and have crafty goals too!!
Keep up the awsome work your art work is wonderful!

jewelstreet said...

I think sometimes it is good to take a break from shows especially ones where the same people frequent.

Very cute display!

LeaKarts said...

Thanks everybody! I think this is a tough time of year for art sales (is there an easy time?!?). I overheard someone at the show saying, "People are still recovering from Christmas and they haven't gotten their tax returns yet, so they don't want to spend any money." It's so true.