Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tiny Fig & Baby Hoot!

I must be one lucky girl, because in June I won 2 blog drawings!!! The first to arrive was about the cutest pair of earrings & stickers I've ever seen in my life from The Tiny Fig. Those little apples on the earrings are made completely out of polymer clay! I've already been getting so many great comments on them, I just love showing them off :)

Just yesterday my 2nd wonderful prize showed up, this adorable sushi bib from BabyHoot:
Isn't it the sweetest? My own baby is 8 years old now, thankfully way beyond bibs, so I am sending it along as a gift to my godson Ashton in Baltimore. I hope he gets it really messy! (love you Alisha!)

Be sure to check out both of these wonderful etsy shops the next time you need some extra cuteness in your life!

Before I sign off for the day, I am taking a note from my good friend Melissa and writing my goals for July here. Every month she writes her goals on her blog, and at the end of the month she compares notes with how the month actually went. What a great idea! So here goes, for July, starting with my artwork and my LeaKarts shop:
*finish updating my website, which still needs a page showing off my custom work
*make 10 sales in my etsy shop
*create and list at least 5 new original works of art
*have really successful sales at the Mississippi Street Fair & PDX Etsy shows! I would like to make at LEAST $200 at each of them!

And for SupplyRiot:
*Find 10 new items to list in my shop. My eventual goal is to consistently have 100 items in my shop at all times. Right now there are between 60 and 70.
*increase my sales by an average of $10/day
*make it through vacation at the end of the month without stressing out about shipping! :D

Happy 4th of July everyone!


melroska said...

lucky! i am jealous, you got some cute stuff!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

super cute stickers ;). who doesn't love thetinyfig? :) and the earrings are way cute, too!

awww i'm sure alisha appreciates the bib! that was so sweet of you to pass it on! not that you could have used it (hopefully... haha), but still :). you're such a great friend.

and thank you for the shout-out! i hope you meet all your goals for the month (i'm helping! heehee), and i hope the ideas i gave you for supplyriot make you some extra dough ;).

love you!

LeaKarts said...

You're so welcome, Melissa! I really appreciate the ideas, they definitely helped get me motivated :) And thanks for being #1 out of 10 sales in my LeaKarts shop for the month! Woohoo!!!

Anonymous said...

That bib rocks! And so do you! Melissa is sooooo right, you are the awesomest friend ever :)

LeaKarts said...

*blush!* Thanks Alisha! I wish we all lived closer & I'd take you and Melissa out to coffee--you two would really like each other!