Monday, August 11, 2008

Now on DaWanda!

After a recent conversation that I had about the current U.S. economy, trying to reach European markets, and selling in multiple venues, I was inspired to open a shop on DaWanda. It is free to list and they only take a small percentage of the final sale, so I thought it was worth a shot! I found the conversion to Euros a bit confusing at first, but then I found this great money exchange website and it was a snap. Now I know how international sellers feel on Etsy, having to convert everything to dollars! Other than that, I must say listing on DaWanda is very intuitive, I didn't have any problems or confusion at all, and I was even able to use the same banner & photos that I use for my Etsy shop. For now, I am just listing prints and other things that I can easily replace, as well as my portraits. I think it would get to confusing trying to keep track of originals in more than one venue. I am also interested in finding another venue to list my supplies (no commercial supplies are allowed on DaWanda), so if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Wish me luck!


maoiliosa said...

i didn't realize that we stateside folks could use dawanda! that's awesome! hmmm, now to open up -my- shop... ;p.

Brandon said...

Wow I learned something new. I'll check out dawanda. Good luck w/ that.


Emily said...

Let us know how that goes! I've heard mixed things but it would be great if it worked well. Good luck!

Purple Daisies said...

I've been thinking about opening a shop on Dawanda, too. I have joined just haven't officially set up shop. I hope it goes well for you!

Ms.Alisha said...

Oh, my god - you soooo rock! That's amazing. I can now call you a lady of the world ;). Oh, oh...I just started my own blog at blogger for my art stuff. I'm hoping it will help keep me motivated to keep painting once the school year starts (tomorrow!!)