Thursday, September 18, 2008

Latest and Greatest

2008 by Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

I just finished painting this little gentleman yesterday. Today I got to go to Rose City Vet Clinic to pass it off to Becky, the person who commissioned the portrait. You may also remember her adorable dog that I painted earlier this year:

2008 by Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

Becky is the sweetest! She is so happy with her portraits, she's waiting to get a photo of her 3rd baby for me to do another commission. I was also really exited to find that all of the portrait flyers I'd left at the clinic had been taken, so I left a few more and talked to another employee and one of their customers about having their pet's portraits done too! Yay for networking!

When I started out with this portrait venture, I was really nervous, as I normally paint people (of course, I am also doing people portraits!!). I know that I have very good drawing and painting skills, but still my confidence wavered as I moved into a new realm. Honestly, I wasn't even sure whether or not I would like painting pets! But with each new commission I find it more and more enjoyable. It is so much fun to capture the expression in these furry friends, and the happiness it gives to their owners is irreplaceable.

Speaking of which, I have two more to get to work on! Here I go!


maoiliosa said...

haha! that cat has a lot of personality, i can tell! he's probably a smooth talker, too ;p.

that is so great, lea! i'm so proud of you for everything you do, and totally happy for you! :D

you are a stellar artist, and now it's finally paying off for you! yay!

love you!

Amanda said...

this is so exciting! I am in love with your pet portraits, and I know I want (at least) one someday. :)

Maybe I'll have to spread the word to my family and friends for the holidays so they'll know exactly what I want.

Keep up the amazing work!!

Ms.Alisha said...

I truly love your pet portraits! You are able to capture not only the likeness, but also the personality of the animals. Very, very hard to do!

Beck said...

Awesome Lea!! I love his eyes and his little paw on the border of the picture frame. Super cute and yay for pet lovers!


OMG i loooove these. Portraits with a personality.
Veeeeery hard to do, but boy have you pulled it off.
Wishing you EVERY success for the future.
xxx margaret xxxx
the nutty one from etsy lol

Leah said...

these are so great!