Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday is a great day for art making!

"Spiral," 2008 by Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

Okay, so not ALL Saturdays are good for art making, but today was! In addition to cleaning my living room, writing a new squidoo lens (I'll be showing it off on Monday for the project of the week!), making a super-secret holiday project for a future project of the week, and taking a walk, I re-watched "Pan's Labryinth" on Netflix while I finished up this drawing I've been working on. Whew! Are you tired from reading all of that, because I am tired from doing it! :)

The above drawing is in watercolor, colored pencil, and ebony pencil on paper. It measures about 8.5" x 8 7/8." Lately I have been needing a boost in creativity and motivation, and switching to a medium (or mediums, more like it!) that I haven't worked in for awhile is doing the trick. I am really enjoying the looseness of watercolor layered with the more exact look of pencils. This drawing is even better in person--my scanner didn't catch the wonderful shininess of the black ebony pencil.


maoiliosa said...

oh you busy lady! :D oh, and i loved that movie too, by the way :).

you work really well with watercolours! and ebony pencil :). two of my favourites for sure!


REALLY love the face on this.

Ms.Alisha said...

Wow - what a beautiful drawing! I love the colors.