Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello Blog!

Didja miss me? It has been a blizzard-y, frozen, holiday-filled couple of weeks, and so I'm afraid my poor blog has been sadly neglected. In addition to a 2 week long Winter Break from school, Indigo missed nearly the whole week prior because of the snow and freezing rain! But it has given us a lot of fun time to stomp through snow, celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, and Winter Solstice (we do all 3!), pet-sit for friends, and more. So, while I do have lots of art to share as well, this post is all about our Wintery December:

Portland is dubbed "The City of Roses," among it's other nicknames. This beautiful rosebush was made even more stunning by a thick layer of ice covering every leaf.

What is winter without stomping through 14" of snow and ice to get a vanilla steamer and a chocolate croissant? So happy La Crema was open :)

Then there was the 3 hours spent baking cookies! Yum!

Pet sitting for some friends, we took full advantage of their snow-filled yard.

The best tree-topper ever, if I do say so myself :) Made, of course, by Indigo, for 2 of our bestest friends, Katie and Chris. We got to have Christmas at their house with their sweet babies (2 dogs and a cat) while they were out of town.

I hope you all had a lovely December as well!


maoiliosa said...

indie looks so much like her momma! :)

fun fun snow! there had better be some again when brandon and i move up there ;D.

LeaKarts said...

The last time we got THIS much snow was in 1969!!! But we do get snow about once a year, skipping some years, so you guys are sure to see some every now and then :) I hope you like rain!...

Ms.Alisha said...

WOW - I must agree with maolilosa - Indigo is looking more and more like you every day! I *love* the frozen rose bush picture :) BTW - your cookies rocked the house! Ashton says....Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...