Thursday, December 11, 2008

LeaKArts Ladies--a Coloring Book!

I am so incredibly thrilled to introduce my newest creation--LeaK Arts Ladies, A Coloring Book for All Ages!

This loose-leaf coloring book comes in a clear protective sleeve. I decided to leave it un-bound so that when you finish coloring a page, you can display it without having to rip the pages. How fun is that? In addition, each page has a border that you can embellish to your heart's content. Personally, I LOVE coloring, which is why I chose and created images that are suitable for kids but fun for grownups too :)

This project has been in the work for a couple of months now. For the first 5 pages, I created 5 brand new, original drawings just for this coloring book. And with the combination of very low-tech (tracing paper and a sharpie) and high-tech (a scanner, Photoshop, and a very knowledgeable friend, not to mention my work-horse of a printer), I transformed 5 of my original drawings and paintings into coloring pages as well. My love has gone into each and every page and I hope it shows!

I also have brand new sticker packs which I will be listing later today, so keep your eyes peeled!


maoiliosa said...

so cool! :D

artlover said...

love your coloring book! wish i had time to do some coloring, loved doing it when i was a kid.

Beck said...

Bought one!!! AWESOME! Rye is going to love it!! So good to see you today Lea, hope it rocked for you.

CarDon said...

Great idea!! I love to color with my son but, I would think a fun for me book would make it much more enjoyable!!