Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Solstice Show Canceled!

Due to some crazy weather this past week-snow, freezing rain, warm rain that melted the snow and apparently froze the next night, etc.-the last Farmer's Market of the year has been canceled. Therefore the PSU Winter Solstice show has been canceled as well.

I am especially bummed because I had not originally signed up. A friend of mine couldn't make it so I decided to take over her booth, and I just paid the fees yesterday. :(

BUT you know where to find me! Heeheehee... I am still offering free priority (2-3 day) shipping on all orders over $20, and those of you in Portland can of course forgo the shipping and get your goodies straight from me :) Be sure to take a look at my shop, as I've added a lot of new stuff this week!


maoiliosa said...

oh noes! did they give your money back at least? or did they sneakily keep it? :(.

LeaKarts said...

This morning, waking up to some actual snow & un-plowed street, I'm kinda glad it's canceled. Better than sitting in a room w/ no customers all day!

The booth fee wasn't that much (thankfully), but they spent most of it on advertising/postcards, so they'll be doing partial refunds. That seems fair to me :)