Monday, January 19, 2009

Art for Food

This is a week of hope, a week of change, a time that has been long in the making for our country. I do not have the words to describe the profound importance of today, the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, followed by the inauguration of President Barack Obama tomorrow.

As we all know, this is also a time of severe economic crisis. I have been trying to shield myself from too much news of this in order to avoid panic seeping into my consciousness. But I cannot ignore my own financial struggles. As I struggle personally, I find that I also cannot ignore the fact that so many people have it much worse than I do. However little I have, there is always someone that has less, that needs more. I am lucky to have food in my cupboards, a roof over my head, an amazing group of supportive friends and family in my life. Some people have none of those things.

I would like to celebrate this amazing time in our country's history, and to contribute to the solution of our struggles in whatever small way I can. In this spirit, I have decided that for the remainder of January, I am donating 50% of all of my art sales to the Oregon Food Bank. In all honesty, I have needed their help before, so I know in a very personal way what it means to need food in such a way.

If you would like to help, you can purchase anything from my Etsy shop: I also have a lot of original paintings that are not listed in my shop, so I am listing them below, with a "buy now" button below each one. On February 1st, I will write a check out for 50% of all sales (minus shipping) to the Oregon Food Bank. Let's give some real relief to people that really need it!

"Antiquated," 2008 by Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved. 12" x 12" Mixed Media on board.

"What She Becomes," by Lea Keohane 2008. All Rights Reserved. 24" x 24" acrylic on canvas.

"Realization" by Lea Keohane 2008. All Rights Reserved. 18" x 24" Acrylic on masonite.

"Autumn" by Lea Keohane 2008. All Rights Reserved. 24" x 18" mixed media on masonite.

"Quiet Strength," by Lea Keohane 2008. All Rights Reserved. 18" x 24" acrylic on masonite.

"Dream Body," by Lea Keohane 2008. All Rights Reserved. 24" x 24" mixed media on masonite.


katherynei said...

That is such a thoughtful thing to do! I know that like you, whenever I start thinking about how hard it has been for my family lately I try to think about how good we actually have it compared to the alternative. I did two fund raisers for our food bank here last year because it is really often forgotten, especially around the holidays when people are already hurting. Also, I love the new stuff, especially Antiquated!

Denise said...

How thoughtful of you Lea! I am very involved at our local Homeless shelter and food pantry and this economy is very tough on Non profits, especially these types of organizations that are often so under-budgeted to begin with. Kudos to you!

Audrey said...

That is a wonderful idea!! The food bank in the city has a "grow a row" campaign that I do out here. Grow a row in your garden for the food bank. Need to help when we can.