Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Itty-bitty teeny-tiny

"Dream," "Hope," "Vision," by Lea Keohane 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Often times I like to paint on pieces of masonite board. Whenever I do this, I have to pull out my hacksaw (some day I will have a bigger studio & electric saws!), and cut up a bunch of 1"x 2" boards to build a frame on the back of the masonite. This way I can add screw eyes and a wire so that it will hang nicely on the wall when it's finished.

Every time I build a "canvas" in this way, I end up with little wooden blocks, and I just can't seem to part with them. I have been meaning to paint on or do some creative project with them literally for years! They have been sitting there, on the shelf above my drawing table looking very cute and enticing but I somehow resisted their pull. Until a few days ago, when they finally got the sanding and layers of gesso that would turn them into little pieces of affordable art, just like they have always deserved :)

For more information, close-up photos, and purchasing info, just click on the photo above or the title of each painting!


paperhill said...

lovely little art!

dollsforfriends said...

Very nice! We currently have a large supply of wooden blocks that have so much potential, it's a shame to see them in the garage, just sitting there. Wonderful use for all of those teeny-tiny cuties!

Ms.Alisha said...

These are so cute...and so resourceful! I have some little mini panels I bought awhile ago, but have never actually used because I always feel like I want to try to work larger (to me *larger* is 11x14"...ha, ha). But you've inspired me, and I primed them today!! :)