Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today was a perfect day. From a run around the park (with Indigo on her bike), to reading lots of Harry Potter out loud, and especially running around a corn maze on Sauvie Island with our friends Heather & Madison & my Sweetie, munching on caramel apples & roasted corn, and snuggling up to even more Harry Potter. Plus, look at all of this amazing squash!

Now I'm wiped out and ready for bed--I need a seriously good night's sleep to get ready for the busy week ahead. I have a show up right now at 3 Friends if you have a chance to stop by, and I am painting like a madwoman for my show next month! I'm working for my friend Amanda, printing more cards up to sell at Last Thursday, celebrating the end of Emily's chemo treatments, and taking on all the work that comes my way. I am psyched!

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