Friday, July 22, 2011

Drip Drop Presents: Pre-Nostalgic

I don't know about you, but after watching some of my classmates in college (long, long ago...), I thought of installation art going something like this: Some loud, indescribable yet painful noise coming from a crappy speaker, laser lights shooting out from a corner, and maybe someone flopping around on the floor moaning. The onlookers would be standing around wondering what it all means and either pretending to know or loudly pronouncing that it's a bunch of b.s. to make up for the feeling of inadequacy they are left with. Okay, so maybe art school failed me in that way ;) Luckily I have been graced with the chances to see some much more beautiful and meaningful installation art since then. And this...this is something completely different.

Pre-Nostalgic is warm, brilliant animation filling up 5 screens. It's Portland buildings carefully sculpted from wood and colored glass and illuminated from within. It's music composed from the soul, spilling out from speakers that surround the room. It's all of these things orchestrated to move together--the animation, the lights within the buildings, and yes, even the sound moves. Not just from one side to the other, but completely around the room.

From the mezzanine above, you can watch the whole thing as if it were a play. Or step within the circle, and you become a part of the piece, enveloped in a soundscape that dances around you, turning your head as lights come and go through the buildings, captivated by one screen and the next. If you are like me, you will have to experience the whole thing several times from different points of view because you will just want to keep soaking it up.

In Portland, this weekend only. for more information.

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