Thursday, August 02, 2007

Marketing, marketing, marketing!

What a busy night last night! Some people think late nights are for rest, but I am one of those freaks that stays up after my daughter is in bed to work, and still gets up at 6am to work before she's awake, too. Now, before anyone lectures me about time for myself, let me make it clear that these odd hours allow me the freedom to do things for myself during the day (between working), like go to the gym, network with etsy-ers (at our weekly teas), etc, without losing any money.

SO! Last night, miss LittlePutBooks (Ryan), put me in her blog! :) And what was I doing up until midnight??? Following her advice to make my own poster using etsy's poster tool, to hang up on community bulletin boards and such. Yay for advertising!!! Here's what mine looks like, with a big "" and some biz cards underneath:

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