Thursday, August 16, 2007

So, How'd it Go?

Yikes! Almost a week since the PDX Etsy sale and I haven't written about it yet! So, how'd it go? It was awesome!!

My super-sweet tent-mate was the fabulous Miss Purl (Danielle), who couldn't have been a better person to share with. She makes gorgeous jewelery! And she made the best etsy banners for our booth:
My very good friend, the Awesome Mary came and hung out with us for most of the day. It is always good to have lots of company! My pendants looked super cute in their new boxes, and people got a kick out of my moveable ACEO's. It was so much fun to hear their reactions. I sold some pendants (two even to a lady buying for Christmas! Talk about planning ahead!!), and a bunch of buttons and my friend John bought some ACEO's. Steve even managed to come by for a bit in the middle of his 8-hour-pinhole-photography class. Sweetie :)

The weather was PERFECT, I got to enjoy a fantastic breakfast burrito and the best peach ever from the Farmer's Market, and I had so much fun people watching and chatting with everyone. Yay etsy show!!!

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