Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lake Shasta, CA

Five adults, two kids, and two dogs on a tiny houseboat for three nights...sound stressful to you? Well, it wasn't! With this view off of the front deck, I found myself staring in awe at the complimentary colors in the water and the sand for 3 1/2 peaceful days.

Indigo and Emma got along fantastically, and I really love Steve's family. We were there with his grandma, dad, and stepmom, all of them excellent company :) We spent very little time exploring on the boat, and lots of time enjoying the perfect little alcove we were parked in. Sunbathing, climbing the hill behind us, swimming.... We even made a new friend, "Scratchy Bob" or "Bob Scratchy" the praying mantis, who decided to take his vacation on our boat as well.

Amazingly, I had not even one little teeny tiny thought about work the whole entire time. All of my anxiety was on hold for the weekend, and it wasn't until the long drive home that even an inkling of work popped into my brain. I was amazed, and so thankful, that I was finally able to fully relax for a few days and leave my worries at home.

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Danielle said...

I am glad you had a relaxing long weekend. Looks great!