Monday, September 10, 2007

Portraits make great presents!

One of my very best friends, Katie, got married recently. Though she is a couple years younger than me, we went to high school together in Denver, and moved to Portland together over a decade ago. (!) As I sifted through her wedding registry, looking at all of the dinnerware and towels, I thought, these are all really nice, and I know she wants them, but she and I have been through way too much together for me to just buy her a cup or a toaster and feel good about it. So instead I dug out all of my photos and found a very cute (albeit dark--it was taken in a bar) pic of them, and painted their portrait. I just finished it this morning, and I am soooo exited to give it to them! It's not a complete surprise--I didn't tell her EXACTLY what it was, but I did have to email her (embarassingly) to make sure I got their eye color right. It is acrylic paint on paper--I'm going to mount it on wood before I give it to them. I hope they like it!


Emily said...

That is absolutely amazing and I am sure they will cherish it as a wedding present.

dotthei said...

That is soooooo cool!!!!!!! I'd love to get a gift like that!