Monday, November 12, 2007

Black & White

Only days ago, I began to list my newest creations--a limited edition series of 9 black & white owl pendants. There must be something about them, because they are already selling, and getting a LOT of hits! So cool. I like them a lot because I drew them all free-hand, so each one is unique in it's owly personality. I am also experimenting with new packaging, and so far so good. They come in a very attractive little package, framed by a fabulous piece of fine art paper. Before shipping, I wrap the whole thing in a bow so it is perfect for gift-giving. Cute!


Field Notes said...

Those little owl pendants are wonderful. Looks like you know what you're doing with packaging & display! I am a little envious over here :-)

LeaKarts said...

*blush* Thank you!
I love how you combine your scientific interests with your creations, field notes.