Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Planet Earth Sketches

Indigo and I recently finished watching the BBC series, "Planet Earth" on DVD. A truly stunning series, with footage that beats the pants off of any nature special you have ever seen before. It was aired on the Discovery Channel, but if you have not seen it already I would highly recommend picking it up. I would also recommend the original BBC version narrated by David Attenborough as the American version has Sigourney Weaver narrating, and while I love her acting, her voice is not nearly as interesting to listen to as Attenborough's.

While I was watching, I couldn't help but pick up my sketchbook and start drawing, especially during some of the episodes I had already seen. Most of my work is figurative, and while I have a lot of experience drawing people, I have much less drawing animals. It was fun to catch some of their movements on paper, and I came up with some really fun sketches, like the baby elephant pictured above.


SecretMe said...

attenborough is the daddy great pic!

Octavine Illustration said...

my dear, you are so talented. what a beautiful elephant. i think you did it quite proud.