Thursday, August 07, 2008


"Quiet Strength" 2008 by Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

We are already one week in to August, and I still can't believe it's already here. This year is passing quickly, and with an intensity that I could not possibly have planned for. My show is tonight--the first solo art show I've had in 2 years! I have been so focused on etsy during that time, that I have not even applied for shows, other than trade shows. I am ready to add more art shows to my agenda, though, and kick my art career into high gear.

Speaking of art career, I am past due in checking in on my goals for last month! I fell terribly short in the sales side of my art goals, making only one sale in my LeaKarts shop (thank you Melissa--I still have to blog about your portrait!), and having terrible sales at both the Mississippi Street Fair and the PDX Etsy show. I did, however, update my website while I was on vacation, adding a whole new page with custom work, and I created and listed several new drawings.

As for SupplyRiot, I added a couple of new washi papers to my shop, and found lots of new things to list, but I need to raise the money to purchase all of the new supplies first! My sales decreased rather than increased as well, perhaps just because it was July and people tend to be off their computers and on vacations. I also couldn't do nearly as much marketing as usual as I was on vacation for nearly half the month. BUT I did bring all of my supplies with me and managed to take care of all of my shipping while I was gone!

Goals for August:
*relax & enjoy tonight's show, talking to people freely and hopefully getting a couple of new shows out of it!
*maintain a positive attitude about Saturday's PDX Etsy show despite poor sales at prior craft shows.
*finish and send in my grant application to Mercy Corps
*apply for show at 3-5 more venues
*find the funding for new supplies, in addition to paying my bills :) Hopefully this will come from lots of sales in my shop!
*create and list new diy kits that have been running around in my brain for some time
*destash supplies from my studio that I won't use

Happy August everybody! I'm so exited, I can already feel Autumn on it's way :)


SecretMe said...

great goals! good luck with the show Im sure it'll be fine, sales should pick up again soon, keep thinking of christmas lol. mmm new supplies sounds good!

kim* said...

i love the long swirly hair.

maoiliosa said...

well at least ONE of us blogged about my portrait... ;p.

i hope you sell sell sell at the show on saturday! i'm sure you'll do a great job representing your work tonight, as well :D.

and i love that painting you posted in this blog, by the way!

love you! *muah!*