Saturday, October 18, 2008

Election Time!

First, a funny video taking a stab at both candidates :) Okay, now for my actual post:

Yay! I just got my ballot in the mail on Friday, and I am SO exited to vote. Filling in the little circles on a ballot is so much more rewarding than any test I ever took in high school :) This may be the most important election in my lifetime, and I want my voice to be heard. Even my daughter thinks she is going to vote:

"I'm going to vote for ___!"
"I wish you could honey, but you have to be 18 to vote."
"I know, but I'm going to vote anyway. All the kids in my class say that they are too!"

Heehee, so cute :) She is only 8, but as she pointed out to me, George Bush has been the president for her whole entire life! Crazy.

Anyway, the point of this blog post is not to tell you how cute my daughter is, or to try to stick you with my own political views. I think if you talk to most people in this country, we all agree that the same issues are important--the war, the economy, health care, school funding, etc. I am always amazed at how different we all view the best fix for all of these issues, but no matter what your feelings are please, PLEASE vote!!!

I have friends who don't vote because they think their vote doesn't count, yet they will go on and on complaining about politics. I heard of an elderly Democrat who won't vote for Obama because his name sounds Middle Eastern to her. And on. The point is, your vote DOES count, so please make it an educated one. Don't be scared away by the antics in the last 2 elections. Don't vote out of fear, or if you do, then vote out of fear that the other candidate has the wrong answers, not because of a name or because of slanderous campaign tactics by either party. Take a minute out of your day to get informed about the candidates, about the issues, and vote by what your heart and your mind tell you will take this country in the best direction possible.

Whatever you do, just vote. If you are 18 or older, your voice is so important. It is time.


Ms.Alisha said...

Well said! I am amazed by how many of my students that are 18 and over are registered and very excited about voting and getting their friends to vote too! 4 years ago, they really didn't care. This IS such an important election for so many reasons, and I hope that everyone that is registered shows up and votes on the 4th .... regardless of their views, they need to excersize the rights that others have DIED for us to have!

PS: And the video was very cute :)

Beck said...

Kids have great intuitions!

I can't wait to vote!! I want my ballot! No fair, no fair. Such an important year, I don't want to miss out. Especially with all of the signs I've been seeing in my neighborhood. Which to me are shocking but yeah. Anyhow, if I can cancel at least one of them out I'll be a happy camper. ;O)

LeaKarts said...

So true Beck! It's really easy to feel powerless with everything going on right now--the very least we can do is vote. It seems like such a small thing but it's so important!

Alisha, how exiting about your students! They might just have the most important voices of all--the ones that don't normally come out to vote in great numbers. They certainly have the power to swing the election!

Estela said...

Did you hear about that lady who told mccain she wasn't voting for Obama because he was Arab? what in the world is that?!

maoiliosa said...

hell yes! vote vote vote! but in an informed manner ;).