Friday, October 17, 2008

7 Weird Things About Me

Okay, I've been tagged recently by two of my good friends--Leah and Becky. To see just how fantastic these ladies are, you should click on their names and check out their blogs! In the meantime, it's about time I get to this challenge. 7 weird and random facts about 'lil 'ol me :) Shouldn't be too hard considering "weird" and "random" are two words that sum up a large portion of my life:

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with popcorn. I have eaten it most days of my life since sometime around 7th grade. No kidding.

2. I can do a scarily good (and very loud) monkey sound. I have a hard time if you request it though because I will start giggling uncontrollably, thereby preventing the monkey sound. I also do a chicken that beats the pants off of that clucking bunny on the Cadbury commercials.

3. In case you didn't gather from #2, I like making weird noises as well as bizarre facial expressions. This keeps my daughter endlessly entertained, and if she's not too grumpy, can change her mood into a good one more times than not. Included in my repertiore are quite a few different weird laughs, a PeeWee Herman impression, all kinds of funny voices, and a very twisty face (or 10)! Maybe I should be doing cartoon voices instead of art?!?

4. Once when I was a kid, I got pneumonia. I had an allergic reaction to the penicillin, which led to a chain reaction to every single other drug they gave me! I broke out in hives all over my entire body. I can remember sitting in the ER crying because the itchiness hurt so bad. I have never been tested since, but as far as I know I am allergic to about 80% of all antibiotics out there.

5. Speaking of hives, when I was a little girl I would get several hives on the right side of my body on the first day of every single school year.

6. I taught myself to read at 4 years old.

7. In high school I invented the chicken goddess religion. The chicken goddess was the queen of all creation, and if you did anything bad the great cows would rain upon you! I would evangelize to my friends to their great (and possibly pretend...) entertainment. I used to want to televangelize the chicken goddess religion just to see how many followers I would get before they figured out it was a joke. Ah, high school....

Alrighty then! Now that you know maybe a bit more about me than should be divulged on the inter-webs, it's time for me to tag you! Honestly, I really hate picking and choosing, so if you read this all the way through, consider yourself tagged! If you want to be :)


Leah said...

you are funny Lea! And so polite - not forcing off the tag on anyone else :)

maoiliosa said...

you are such a goof! DO THE STINKEYE! ;D.

LeaKarts said...

STINKEYE!!!! That's #8 on my list, haha!

Beck said...

Haaa haaa awesome!! I so want to hear the chicken and monkey noises. ;O)

Denise said...

I love this. If we didn't live on opposite coasts you are definitely someone I would want to hang with. Interesting (and funny) people make life so interesting. thanks for sharing and I truly appreciate your honesty!

LeaKarts said...

Thanks Denise! I would love to meet you too--I'm glad we are getting to know each other through ESST :)