Friday, October 17, 2008

Studio Clearance Sale on eBay!

"A Poem in Flames," 2007 by Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

Many of you have heard me talk (who me, complain?!?) about my tiny studio and living space. It's truly a very small, multi-functional space. It works for me, and I'm glad to have it, but there is not any room left for creating new artwork, especially paintings. Cramped for space, I need to create some elbow room so I can get to painting again!

Which is why I am having a huge Studio Clearance Sale on eBay!!! I don't often choose eBay as a sales venue for my artwork (though I go back and forth on the idea), however, I do like the auction-style listings so that no price is a set price. I decided to do my sale there rather than on my beloved Etsy so that I can list some older work without upsetting the look, prices, and value of my shop, while selling some of my much-loved artwork that I simply need to part with. Admittedly, this is also a sort of test-run for the possibility of putting more original art here in the future.

So check it out! All pieces are starting at a super-duper low price! So you can add some new color and style to your home or office, or even get some gifts for the art-appreciators in your life without breaking the bank.


kim* said...

yes me too. my bedroom is my studio.

i wish it wasnt but it is what it is... i work more than i sleep though. or at least am up more than sleeping that is

Leah said...

Best of Luck with the sale - I will be sure to check it out!

By the way - you've been tagged :)