Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Project of the Week!

I must apologize for posting this a day late this week--I have been working a part time, temporary job for the past couple of weeks and have found it challenging to get all of my own work done as well! It has been very nice to get out of the house and work on someone else's project for awhile, though, so I am not complaining. It has also given me some honest insight into how much work I really do every day! Fitting it all in to the early mornings and evenings is not something I'd like to do in the long term. :)

Anyway, to the task at hand--this week's project of the week is based around wonderfully fun and diverse wooden disks. Using a few from the stash I have listed in my supply shop, Indigo and I pulled out my collection of ephemera, paint, pin backs and bails and set to work! I made the center piece in the photo above by decoupaging some paper with a typewriter print onto one of the 1.5" wooden disks. I covered it with some Diamond Glaze and glitter, and glued a pin onto the back, and now I have a little gift for one of my friends. Hopefully I'll see her before she reads this!

Indigo was very exited about this project, and in the time it took me to make my typewriter pin, she painted a disk and glued a bail on to make a pendant, glued a poker chip, buttons, and shiny paper to another disk to make a pin, and painted several disks and glued them together to make a dog's paw print. I also painted a disk, and it inspired me to make an altered art/collage piece that's not quite finished yet.

So you can see, these little disks are great for all kinds of personalized projects! Add some paint or some ephemera and you've got yourself a great pendant, pin, magnet, ornament, or whatever else you can think of. Have fun!


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Thanks for sharing. What an inspiration your blog is!

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