Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yay for packages!

A few days ago, I got this gorgeous set of 4 handmade napkins from in the mail! They are really soft, really pretty, and even came all wrapped up just like a present. I love that :) I don't do a whole lot of trades on Etsy, mostly because I really need the cash, but I've been wanting some fabric napkins for a long time now so I just couldn't resist. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

They look great! I love getting parcels, too - it beats getting bills any day!

Danielle said...

I love the bright colors!

KZ Originals- Karen said...

wow- I had no idea you put this on your blog! thanks a million. They look great. I really do need to make more of those, they are so wonderful, I have about 20 that we use in our own home daily(all different styles etc....) I also have a set for camping too.

thanks again!!!1

LeaKarts said...

You are welcome! I put them in my Earth Day post as well :)

They are really great--Indigo & I use them every day!