Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a clean desk can do

Aw, look at my pretty clean desk :) Last week I got a wild hair and finally--FINALLY--got around to cleaning off my desk. Which meant piles of paper to the side to be sorted through, more piles of paper, many useless and meant for the trash, supplies and shipping materials put back in their nearby homes, and gooooodbye Mac!

Don't get me wrong I loved my Mac, but it was one of those old blue and white ones, about a decade old, and it was SO huge, sounded like a jet when it was running, and just couldn't handle multi-tasking the way I needed it to. But now it is very happy in its new home on Indigo's desk. It doesn't connect to the internet in there, but she can dink around on MS Word and I can hook her camera up to it and maybe even teach her a bit about Photoshop. She'll probably be an expert before I can blink :)

Anyway, what was I saying?!? Ah, yes, what a clean desk can do for you. Well, first of all I must brag that it is STILL clean, a week later! Yay Lea! Second of all, with all of this wonderfully organized space surrounding me, I was able to do all my blogging for an entire week in one day. Holy wow. A process that I am repeating this week--I have a day off from my job, so one of my catch-up tasks is spending a bit of time blogging for the whole week. In fact, you won't read this post until two days after I typed it! Is that cheating? Maybe, but I think that even after this job ends and I go back to working for myself full time, I will continue. Once my writing momentum is going, it's better to just keep the ball rolling! Plus it helps me organize my week by blogging all at once, leaving that much more time free on all of my other days.


Beck said...

Haa haa, awesome!!! I just spent almost ALL of last night doing the very same thing! Crazy how much paper piles up that you don't even need. Makes it sooooooo much easier to think when everything is in it's happy little place. Not only that it makes that much faster to get things done!! Very pretty Lea! So big fat hooray for clean and keeping it that way. ;O)

Hyla Waldron said...

Wohoooo a clean desk, mine needs a cleaning! Wanna come over ;)

Indigo, is that your daughter? That is such a beautiful name. I am pregnant with my fourth and it has been hard to pick out a name. We have already two boys Celitc (7) and Sheamus (almost 3) and one girl Guinevere (1). I think this one is going to be another girl. I really like Indigo, I am going to have to mention that to my husband.........beautiful!


Stacey said...


maoiliosa said...

sweet! clean desk! :D

and you know what? doing all your blogging in one go is actually a great idea; i always forget that you can change the post time! thanks for the reminder ;).

Diana said...

Hi, just found your blog from twitter. Cleaning out junk from our space is indeed refreshing. I cleared out 3 big piles of clothes that I could no longer fit in. It feels so therapatic.. I need to go get new clothes, and that is the start of another great therapy.. Haha..

Anonymous said...

I'll have to send you a pic of my desk - very UNtify! I call it organised chaos (!) If you are quick - there is a pic of the face behind Stoneweaver on my blog - for one day only! Happy Halloween!!!