Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday is Fort Day!

It's a beautiful day outside, perfect for running around, but with the remnants of a really bad cold still hanging on, Indigo needs to stay in and relax some more. I feel for her--I can't stand that last day of being sick, when you feel so much better but if you don't relax you could take a turn for the worse the next day. So, instead of going out, we decided to make today Fort Day!

With several bedsheets, a couple of chairs and a broom, along with some clothespins, we transformed her entire bedroom into one humongous fort! Now she is a biologist in the Amazon, trapping wild animals (i.e. our cat, Maya) for study. I helped her with her wild animal studies for a bit, but feeling cramped under there, I decided I needed to go on a little expedition to the living room. Heeheehee :)


Beck said...

What an awesome way to turn the day around!! Whooo hooo for Fort Day! ;O)

maoiliosa said...

you guys are too cute! :D

... but poor maya, haha!

Ms.Alisha said...

You are such an awesome mom :) I wish I was there for Fort Day!!