Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Special!

It's November 4th, last chance to cast your vote! I am listening to the BBC on NPR right now. It is so interesting to listen as people from all over the world are calling in and giving their opinion on the election. The world is watching. I personally am so nervous and exited that I could barely sleep last night.

In anticipation of the election, I would like to make one last call for everyone to please vote if you have not yet done so! As an extra little tiny incentive, I am offering free shipping in both of my shops if you have voted, all day long until midnight in Oregon tonight. Go to LeaKarts or SupplyRiot and in the "notes to seller" section during checkout, type "I voted" and I will send you a revised invoice. Not an American? I am also offering free international shipping today--leave me a note in the "notes to seller" section during checkout telling me what the U.S. election means to you.

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