Friday, January 09, 2009


"Messenger," by Lea Keohane 2008. All Rights Reserved.

You may or may not remember the sweet owl that I encountered in the park a few weeks ago, but I did end up painting him. Twice, actually. The painting above, and the one below, which one of my very dear friends Melissa bought from me :)

"Little Messenger," by Lea Keohane 2008. All Rights Reserved.

I had a lot of fun painting him, and I don't think I'm finished. I really enjoy how, while I used the same basic composition for both pieces, they each have a different sort of character to them. A friend of mine, who was with me when we found the owl, tells me that owls have very strong medicine, and that he/she was bringing us a message. What that message was, I am not sure, but I am very grateful for being allowed to capture him on film and in paint.


maoiliosa said...

i love my (oops, brandon's...) little painting soooo much! :D

there is just something about owls, isn't there? they have such a presence about them. and it's not everyday that you get to see one, so i think it's a good omen, as well :). much like your flowering cactus! i think this is going to be an awesome year for you, dearest ;D.

Anonymous said...

Oh he is just lovely. I like the way you have painted him on wood - it kind of adds to the feel of him being in a tree. In my dream book owls stand for feminine wisdom and the goddess Athene.

rebeccashapiroart said...

Lea, I was wondering when the little owl would show up in your work. I was thinking about him the other day. So nice to see him again! :)