Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time to make your Valentines!

I must admit, some years I think Valentine's Day is a crock. Other years I get really exited about it. It really doesn't have to do with whether or not I have a sweetie in my life--I'm not sure what it is, exactly. One year I was perfectly single, and I randomly decided to make valentines, vanilla bath salts, and homemade hot chocolate packets for all of my female friends.

Anyway, this year I am exited about it! Especially since I have come across some cool supplies to make really interesting valentines. I am not sure yet what I'll be doing or making, but these things inspire me nonetheless! So I created a little "Make Your Valentines" section in my supply shop to help spark your creativity too :)


maoiliosa said...

i was going to make a joke about "creative juices" and valentine's day, but decided against it :p.

cuuuuute supplies, as always, dahlink! ;D

LeaKarts said...

Well, I have another friend who went to that joke on myspace, you dirty girls!!! ;) So I changed it. So there :p

kim* said...

i am excited this year

Anonymous said...

Cool idea!