Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy busy

"Euphoria," 2009 by Lea Keohane. All Rights Reserved.

No excuses here, but normally I like to blog fairly regularly. The past week or so has just been to overwhelming for me to think about it, though. Some of it is really good, some is really bad, all of it adds to the busy-ness. Some times things just pile on and this is one of those times. So I haven't blogged, I've barely answered emails, and I've even laid off of twitter for a few days! In case you have been sitting around, waiting for my next entry, here's what has been going on:

First, I got a huge custom order in the middle of last week. Hooray! Hap-hap-happy dance!

Then, I found out a good friend of mine has stage 3 cancer. I spent a few hours with her when she told me, and now we're working on a project taking some photos before she goes through treatment.

The day after that, my phone fell out of my pocket and was promptly stolen.

Saturday, Rich and I got in his car to go replace my phone and his car wouldn't start. We went to my car, and when I put my key in the door it just spun around and around. So I can't lock my car anymore (which is fine, nothing valuable anyway, but now I have a big piece of red tape over the lock so I don't do it on accident and lock myself out!).

Got a new phone--yay! Then one of the cv joints went out in my car. Got that fixed while I spent a couple of hours volunteering in my daughter's classroom.

Yes, this is all within the past 7 days. I think now I will go take a nap.


Amanda said...

This is a lot of intense stuff! Why does it always show up at the same time?

I hope things calm down for you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi There..I like this..Euphoria is a great title for it..Have agreat day..!! Robin

Ms.Alisha said...

Wow - that IS alot of things going on! That painting is beautiful - I think that may have to be my favorite of the year so far :)

I'm going to call you this weekend no matter what!! Hope your cell # is still the same...

Anonymous said...

love the painting. Great news on the order! So sorry about your friend.