Friday, February 13, 2009

Teaching Collage on Valentine's Day

Today I had the pleasure of going into Indigo's classroom for 2 hours to teach the kids some collage techniques. It was a great experience for me on so many levels!

First of all, kids are just plain awesome. Whenever I have a chance to be around lots of them I am amazed at the diversity of their genius. Some of the kids have an intuitive eye for composition and easily created gorgeous collages. Others came out a little rougher, but they had a great story to go along with it. All of them were so exited to go through my box of scrap paper and tear it up!

Secondly, I have been wanting to do some teaching for a long time. Not as a full time teacher, but little art workshops. For a number of reasons I had never really done it before, mostly some weird lack of self confidence which led to, well, terror. Ha! I was super nervous the past couple of days, but somehow today I was just fine. I felt calm going in there and had no trouble talking to the class, showing them my own artwork, talking to them about some different examples, and leading them through the project. It was a lot of fun!

I took tons of pictures, too! I can't believe these kids are only 8 and 9 years old. Here are some of my favorites:


beicreations said...

those came out great! I love being able to go into the classroom and teach arts & crafts, it's really rewarding. I hope you get to do it many more times!

rebeccashapiroart said...

Lea, these are gorgeous! Teaching kids is such a gift. It's an amazing experience. You're a great teacher! Here's to more workshops. :)

Ms.Alisha said...

Wow those are awesome! It looks like the kids had so much fun - and you too! Teaching can be a bit addictive. Once you see the amazing creativity that can emerge from students given just the right amount of 'push' and encouragement, you just want to keep seeing it! Here's a toast to more workshops..... :)

maoiliosa said...

awww i knew you'd do great! you should consider teaching art, like as an elementary teacher, seriously :D.

those collages are great, too! it looks like the kids had bunches of fun :).

Mary said...

That looks so fun.

Anonymous said...

Wow those are great! 'Fabric of time' - whoa deep - what were you saying to them? lol! I like your new look blog.