Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dylan!

It's been about 30 years (*ahem*) since this photo was taken of my brother and I, and I can still remember that couch! It was in our living room until some time in high school when my mom finally replaced it. What I'm even more exited about is Dylan's (yes, he was named after Bob) little yellow shirt and those awesome plaid overalls. Aw!

Dylan and I were always close growing up and we usually got along really well. We played dress up and skate boarding, swung in the branches of the giant weeping willow in our back yard. Dylan would spend all of a Saturday morning setting his GI Joe's up just right in the living room, and my Barbie (who was of course riding a My Little Pony), would swing through and crush them. We built forts and played Atari, ate Pac Man cereal and went swimming all day. Being a little kid with Dylan was pretty awesome.

Now we both have our own kids, and he lives in Colorado while I live in Oregon. It makes me a little sad that we can't spend more time together and that our kids can't grow up together. I miss him a lot. But that just means a lot of extra fun every time we do see each other!

I love you Dylan! Happy Birthday!

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autumncomfort said...

What a great picture. So cute!!