Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Love Portland (or, "How Was the Alberta Art Hop?")

In case I don't say it often enough, I really do love this town :) Yesterday at the Art Hop was awesome! The weather was sunny enough for everyone to shed their Winter layers for their pretty/hip/wacky/funky/skimpy/whatever else Summer ones, which made for great people watching. We had a nice cool breeze most of the day, which kept the sun from being overpowering. I had lots of friends visit my booth, even some friends from London who were on their last day in Portland before flying home! Here are some photos from the day and a little video clip of the parade:I brought sidewalk chalk and Danielle and I colored the street in front of our booth. We only had one person do our hopscotch though.

Here's my half of the booth. With one half of the tent up against a curb, we were on a steep enough hill for everything to be pretty crooked. :)
And here's Danielle's half! Much more balanced than mine :)

Danielle :)

John, with the awesome mustache glass he just bought from my friend Amanda of Bread and Badger.

And finally, part of the parade!


Ms.Alisha said...

Wow - that looked like so much fun! I wish we had an 'art hop' in Baltimore! One of the many, many things I miss about P-Town. Your booth looked awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Oh cool - a chance to see what your store looks like!! I love the pic at the top with the long, wild hair!! And your friend's work looks interesting too - does she make mirrored artworks?

I have actually been to Portland (years ago) and loved the vibe there - very arty and inspirational! Looks like you had great weather too.

LeaKarts said...

P-town misses you too Alisha!!! Come baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!! ;)

Thank you Celia! My friend Danielle makes stitch markers for knitting, and tons of gorgeous earrings. I own several pairs myself ;) Her etsy shop is