Thursday, May 21, 2009


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You should see the chaos in my apartment. Wait a second! I take that back. I would NEVER want any of you to see the chaos in my apartment! Desk covered in papers, to-do lists, and a bunch of crap that needs to be put away. Floor covered in reference photos, paints & brushes & the partially finished portrait that I have been commissioned to do for Indigo's school. Bins from Art Hop that need to be inventoried & put away. Packages ready to go to the post office, trash ready to be taken out, laundry for neighbor to finish with the dryer so I can dry it so that....I can pack!

That's right, this evening I am leaving for a much-needed getaway. It is Mary's birthday and we are having an all-girl, grownups only weekend trip to the beach! It is only hours away, but I. Cannot. Wait. Except that I am SO thankful that I work from home so that I can take care of all of that chaos mentioned in the previous paragraph before I leave! That way I can go & relax, and come back to a moment of harmony before it gets all mixed up again.

If you are a customer, my shops are still open! I just won't be able to answer any convos until Sunday night, and besides one final trip to the post office this afternoon, I won't be able to ship your orders until Tuesday (5/26).

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend too!

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maoiliosa said...

yay! have the best time ever, and get some well-deserved REST! :D