Sunday, July 26, 2009

How Crazy Has This Week Been?!?

How crazy has this week been?!? About THIS crazy! Haha! In the past 10 days, I have:
*gotten my hair cut (yay!)
*lost about 3 pounds
*gotten some sweet arm muscles, several bruises, and a ripped toe nail
*worked 4 days at my temporary job for Color Me House (they are awesome!)
*completed an order for a great client ( (she is awesome too!)
*finished a couple of drawings
*done my regular cleaning jobs (if you live in Portland, please visit Trillium Artisans and Trade Up Music--they are both fantastic stores filled with really great people!)
*magically kepts up with my own businesses
*spent lots of quality time with Indigo
*had some really fantastic grown-up time, too
*felt hung over from such a busy week!

Now it's Sunday, and the biggest thing on my mind is coming up Tuesday morning--I am going to be doing a 5-6 minute LIVE segment on AM NW (Channel 2 if you're in Portland)!!! I will be showing how to do a little crafty project, thanks to my friend Rebecca Shapiro who connected me with the show. Thank you Rebecca! I am so nervous, and exited, and nervous...! I will be live around 9:20am (PST) if you live here, otherwise you can stream the video at Wish me luck!


maoiliosa said...

busy busy!

goooooood luuuuuuck to you on tuesday! though i know you'll do great just because you're awesome, and you don't need luck ;). i will be streaming the video! so excited for you!

(haha, indigo's foot! :D)

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! I'll have to come back and click on the link for the video. By the way - any tips for the weight-loss? Or just your super-busy schedule? I need to lose more than a few pounds...

LeaKarts said...

Thank you Melissa!!!

Celia, I wish it was as easy as being so busy! Usually I gain when I'm this busy, but I've been going to Weight Watchers for about 3 months now, started jogging & doing some exercise dvds. So much work! But I am almost to my 10% weight loss goal! (blog post coming up.... ;) )

Ms.Alisha said...

Quite busy indeed! I can't wait to see your segment - it's gonna rock!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on the weight loss and the TV spot! Good for you. I know you'll do great!