Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

I can't believe it's actually 2010! In a couple of short weeks, Indigo will be 10 years old and we will be well on our way into the new decade. I have a lot of plans and things to tell you about, but the main thing at the moment is that I am building a new website with my blog integrated into it. I am so excited! I'll finally be able to show you all of my new work, and I've got some really interesting ideas for my blog. I'll tell you when it's up, of course.

For now, I hope you had some wonderful holidays, and that you all have an amazing year to come!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's a great photo! By the way, when you chose Indigo's name - had you heard about indigo children? Wishing you all the best for a creative, inspiring and adventurous New Year!

LeaKarts said...

I had not heard of them when I named her, but I did soon after! Another funny thing is that I named her while I was pregnant, and she turned out to have blue eyes even though neither her dad or I do. :)

judysnowmosaics said...

Hi Lea
Beautiful picture of Indigo. Proud of what your doing and know you will be successful. looking forward to seeing you at my blog. NanaSarah also judysnow