Sunday, April 18, 2010

Natural Motivation

Working for myself, and especially working from home, has a lot of incomparable benefits. A flexible schedule. The ability to listen to my favorite new CD or to watch the X-Files on Netflix while I work. Being able to be home for Indigo when she's done with school, or if she is sick and needs to come home. No one looking over my shoulder, no one to be accountable to except for myself and my clients (who are all so super awesome!). This list goes on and on, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to do what I do!

But working for yourself is also filled with loads of challenges. Like self-discipline, panicky slow months, staying on track, not getting too distracted by the X-Files or the laundry, or the fact that your child is home sick. Staying out of the fridge when it's time to take breaks...

I have found in the past year, as I've been working to lose 50 pounds, (30 to go!), that one of the most important things for my sanity is getting outside. Whether it's a walk around the cemetery, a run through the park (who knew I'd love running?!?), or a hike through the city or in one of the hundreds of nature trails in the area, getting outdoors every day saves me.

It may seem counter-intuitive--getting outside helps you with your work? Are we still on the same subject here? The answer is YES. Every day that I can get outside and move around, even for 30 minutes, is a day that I feel motivated. My creativity is sparked, I feel good about myself because I got my exercise in, I am more focused when I have to sit at my desk to work. I am grounded and inspired all at once. There is something about being in nature that is so rejuvenating, and it's a feeling that lasts even when I have to go back indoors. Luckily, living in Portland, I don't have to go very far to feel like I am close to nature.

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Anonymous said...

Like you I work from home - and I don't spend enough time outdoors. This is a good reminder - because you are absolutely right - it helps no end. Right - I'm off on me bike!! ;o)