Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Other Side of Crafty Wonderland--Shopping!

Last weekend, child-free and one week before Mother's Day, I got to experience Crafty Wonderland...from the other side of the table. After a week spent NOT freaking out about my inventory, or whether or not the sale would be busy enough, I knew I had to go. I called my friend Mary, (can you see how happy she is to be in my photo?!? Love you Mary! *muah!*), and we made plans. Extravagant plans. Plans to get free goodie bags, even.

9:00 am. After standing in line for about 30 minutes, I was just grabbing our biscuits and coffee from the super-delectable Pine State Biscuits on Belmont. (If you have never eaten there, you are missin' out on some serious, no-kidding YUM). Meanwhile, Mary had just snagged our place in line at Crafty Wonderland. After not even knowing that I parked right behind her (haha!), I soon met up with her, and we proceeded to shove said biscuits and coffee into our mouths.

9:30 am. Completely amped on our coffee, we started joking with (and probably freaking out) our neighbors in line, giggling insanely, and suffering odd looks from people passing by on their way to the solar power convention next door (note to self--most of them were not in your target audience, unless "target" means the butt of I've-just-had-too-much-caffeine-and-am-stuck-in-this-line-for-2-hours jokes. Sorry other-convention people!).

11:00 am. The doors are open! I elbowed Mary and pushed my way in first (heehee). Actually, I rarely ever shop, let alone wait in line for 2 hours just so I can get a free goodie bag! This was totally a great treat. A massive, airplane-hangar-sized room full of crafty goodness, and I didn't have a booth so I actually got to look at everything!!! First, Mary and I darted from one spot to the next trying to soak it all in. Finally we realized we weren't getting anywhere and went for the more methodical method of going up and down every single aisle.

I bought some goodies for myself and a present for my mom for Mother's Day from my friend Megan of Ta-Dah. I stopped at at least a third of the booths to chat with people I know (and met some of you that I only know from facebook!)...sorry Mary! We also went to the diy tables and made some awesome vintage Mother's Day cards, and the cutest little felt birdie keychains.

3:00 pm. Yep, I said 3:00! I honestly don't think I've ever spent that many hours shopping in my life. I'm glad Mary was there to see me through--I couldn't have done it without her! Overstimulated, happily crafted, it was time to go home and load up on more coffee :)

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