Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh, the challenges of working from home!

Who knew that when I was thinking of the challenges of working from home one of them would be...KITTENS!! Cute & hilarious LOLcats and adorable videos of lion cubs aside (distracting as they are, a little self control can do the trick). But last month was my birthday and as a gift I got a new lil' family member--Pumpkin! When I rescued her from the Humane Society she was only 3 months old and just over 2 pounds, and very sickly from the stress of kennel life and surgery (she had just been spayed the day before). She's had plenty of time for recovery, though, and now she's happy as a clam.
The extent of her cute sweetieness is impossible to capture on film (or pixels), but that doesn't stop me from trying :) Let me just say that when she is not using her super-power ninja zoom-zoom, she is the ultimate lap kitty. When I sit down in the mornings to sketch, there she is, batting at my ipod headphones. When I sit at my desk to check email, a tiny little warm ball of fur quietly appears. Purring commences and no matter how badly I need to pee or get up to paint, it is verrrry difficult! Sometimes impossible. How will I every get any work done around here?!? ;)

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Brioletta's Studio said...

How could anyone resist such sweetness?!