Friday, February 25, 2011

Standing Up

I have been struggling with what to say in this post. It is never my intention to offend anyone, but I guess sometimes it just can't be avoided. Especially when you are talking about something you really believe in. As you may know, Planned Parenthood is in danger of losing it's federal funding. I am not talking about abortion here (by the way, did you know that as it now stands there is actually no federal funding for abortions?). I am talking about basic sexual health care--cancer screenings, std testing, and birth control. Thanks to federal funding, Planned Parenthood is able to offer these vital services at a sliding scale to millions of women who are un/underinsured.

I am one of these women. I work for myself. I'm a single mom. I have no health insurance. When something goes wrong, if it can't be fixed by my acupuncturist then I am basically S.O.L. I go to Planned Parenthood for my annual exams and birth control because I can afford to go there. Without Planned Parenthood, I would never see a doctor.

I am extremely thankful for the services, privacy, and respect that Planned Parenthood offers, and I want to do what I can to help. I have signed every petition I can, and I would like to contribute financially as well. You can help me do that. I've listed several of my newest paintings (encaustic collages, actually--new technique for me!) on eBay, and thanks to eBay Giving Works, 10% of each sale will automatically go to the Planned Parenthood Foundation.

Click here to take a look, and thank you so much in advance for you support!

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