Sunday, May 07, 2006

Two weeks, and going strong

Wow, this is crazy. I am spending probably 80 hours a week at this now, but I think it will pay off. So, I don't think I've talked too much about what the business is that I'm doing. My friend has been selling things on eBay for a few years now, working from home, and we both realized that the 2 of us could be making a lot more money if we worked on it together. So she is the buyer... I hate shopping, personally...she finds vintage and brand-name clothing for a great bargain. Then I take the photos and write the descriptions and post the auctions. So far we haven't made a whole lot since I was working my other job full time. But now that we are steadily listing a whole lot more stuff, our sales are really going up and my confidence in the whole thing is increasing as well.

Also, she just found an ergonomic keyboard for me for free!!! I have been struggling for about 8 months now with tendonitis in both wrists, and typing away on my laptop the past couple of weeks hasn't been helping much. So the other day she stopped at a garage sale at the end of the day and they were done, so they were giving the rest of their stuff away for free...and there was this keyboard. Yay! It is helping a LOT. Yesterday I thought my hands would fall off they hurt so much, and I resist taking codeine as much as possible... Today, no problemo.

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