Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Experiment!

My friend Ryan is a marketing genius. She's constantly coming up with new ideas, or reviving old ones. Her own etsy shop is thriving! So last weekend, as our kids played in her back yard and she and I sat chatting in her studio, she pulled up her laptop and opened up my etsy shop.

"How can we make this happen for you?" she said. We brainstormed for a long time, in between more chatting, bringing the kids to a thrift store, and getting some ice cream cones. Finally she turned to me and said, "That's it! We are going to perform a social experiment. We are going to market you as though you are ALREADY famous! And we're going to do it without spending a dime."

Then came my assignment. Post ads on craigslist, let her post some for me, too. List some of my ACEO's on eBay. Come up with wholesale pricing on one of my items. Those are all for starters, anyway. Finally, blog about the experiment. Blog every day. Act as though I am already known in order to make myself known. Maybe not the 1st time this has been done, but it sounds like a good plan to me anyway! So here goes......

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