Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Now that I am done with the mad holiday selling rush, I am finally feeling cheery and exited about the holidays. Indigo and I already celebrated Hanukkah earlier this month, but we like to keep the menorah under our tree all month long. Tonight is especially exiting because we are celebrating Winter Solstice tomorrow morning, so today feels a bit like Christmas Eve to me. On Christmas Indigo will be with her dad this year, but then I am picking her up later Christmas day and we are driving to see Steve's family for more Christmas celebrations.

People who are more religious than I may find all of this very confusing, not to mention heretical, but I was raised celebrating Hanukkah with my mom and Christmas with my dad--neither of them infused with any religious meaning. As an adult, I choose to celebrate--the changing seasons, my family's heritage(s), but mostly my family. I am so grateful to have them, and once I get over the mass-consumerism (I have to work my way through that one every year in my head!), I find that exchanging gifts and decorating our home is a fun way to celebrate each other. Especially if the gifts are all (or mostly) handmade.

So, however or whatever it is that you celebrate, I hope that you all are enjoying the season. Happy Holidays!

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