Saturday, February 02, 2008

A time for change

Things are really stirring around in the land of LeaKarts lately. I have been working for LittlePutBooks for several months now as her etsy shop has really grown. But as the "slow season" overtakes us, she just doesn't need me as much. Which is scary, because I am now forced to depend mostly on myself for income, but it's also very exiting as I am honing in on what I really want to be doing, and finding ways to actually do it.

My main obstacle is my own brain, which has the amazing ability to come up with a gazillion ideas all at once, only to sideswipe itself in a paralyzing panic as it gropes for a way to implement all of it's ideas at the same time. NOT helpful. So, in an attempt to calm my anxiety and find focus, I am going to try to think of the littler picture and put my weekly goals here in my blog. I think this will give me some accountability as well, no matter how small my readership may be :)

This week I would like to: Blog at least three times, make my first supply purchase for my new shop (announcement coming soon!), paint one painting, and get prepared for Crafty Wonderland, which is coming up on the 10th. And I'm off! Oh, one more goal--check back in here to see how well I did this week!

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